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Javascript CLI demystified

I'm sure you use javascript CLI every day. For example, when using `eslint`, `prettier`, ... But do you know how to make your own js CLI and how it works?

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Exit animation with `framer-motion` demystified

Animation has their own implementation to deal with exit animation, because React do no allow to delay the unmounting of components. The `framer-motion` API seems to me to be the most natural one. Let's see the amazing implementation of exit animation with this library.

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Virtualization with fixed size items (part 1)

Have you performance issue because you have to many items in a list on your page? Let's see how to fix that thanks to virtualization.

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useEvent: the new upcoming hook?

Did you often transform React state to React ref not to re-create a new reference of your listener which is wrapped with useCallback because passed to a memo component. It happens to me so often, a new rfc for a new hook named useEvent has been opened by React that should make you happy :)

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Proxy in JS: what the hell?

I am sure you are confident with object. But do you know that you can proxify them to intercept when a property is called to execute some custom code. Let's see what it is? How to use it? And some libraries that use it.

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useImperativeHandle: the most unknown React hook

Now that React ref has no secret for you, we can look at the useImperativeHandle hook that allows use to expose function to its parent thanks to its reference and inverse the unidirectional data flow.

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Things you need to know about React ref

React state are often overused because React ref are misunderstood. You will see what they are and when to use them. Do not use state when it's not useful anymore.

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Things you need to know about React state

You probably used to use state, but do you that you can lazy init it, update state with a callback, ... You will see from the fundamentals to more advanced things.

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preventDefault vs stopPropagation

Do you always use `preventDefault` and `stopPropagation` because you don't the difference? Let's see what is the role of each one.

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When to use useCallback?

Are you wondering when to use `useCallback`? I propose you my vision about it. And of course how it's implemented :)

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Unknown console API in JS

If you only use `console.log`, do you know the other console methods which can make better logging? Let's see them.

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use-context-selector demystified

In the React context performance I talked about the `use-context-selector`, but how does it work under the hood?

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CSS clip-path, what the heck?

Sometimes, you would like to store some data in the browser. Here is the Web Storage API that can make you happy. But what is it? And how to use it?

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Web Storage API: localStorage and sessionStorage

Sometimes, you would like to store some data in the browser. Here is the Web Storage API that can make you happy. But what is it? And how to use it?

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React context, performance?

React context is used by many libraries such as `react-router`, `react-query`, ... But what is it? How do we use it? What about the performances?

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JS Symbol, what the heck?

Symbol in javascript is something that is not well known but is still used without us knowing it. Let's take a look at it.

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var, let, const: what's the difference?

Daily, you probably use `var`, `let` or/and `const`, but do you the differences between them? It's the subject of this article.

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react-router v6 demystified (part 3)

In this last article, we continue the exploration of the `react-router` code and our implementation.

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react-router v6 demystified (part 2)

In this second article, we will focus on understanding how is implemented `react-router` v6, and make a simpler implementation.

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react-router v6 demystified (part 1)

In this first article, we are going to see the main differences in the API of `react-router` v6 compared to the previous version.

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Let's explore javascript's Location and History API

The goal is to understand how works the Location and History API to implement a `react-router` library like.

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Let's do some animations in native Javascript

If you wonder how to do some animations in javascript, it was the same for me. In this article, I present you what I discovered.

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How to manage internationalization in React? react-intl like

Let's explore how to implement internationalization with React to make your application understandable by everybody.

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React event listeners demystified

Let's go deep in the React implementation to know event listeners are handled.

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Debounce vs throttle

In this article, we are going together how to use the functions throttle and debounce and how to implement them.

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Prevent useless re-render

It can happen that performances are degraded. One of the possible reason can be that you have useless re-render. We are gonna focus, in this article, to see how to prevent useless re-render.

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How does Reselect work?

Let's look closely the code of the library Reselect, which handle memoization of Redux (and others) selectors.

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Javascript memoization

In this article, we are gonna explore how to do memoization in javascript.

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Different types of equality in javascript.

It exists different types of equality which are used in different cases. Let's explore them together.

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How does Redux works?

Let's explore together in this article, the well known library Redux, to see its implementation

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Avoid pixelated images

What a mess to make its mockups and after implementing the application see that depending on the smartphone, it's pixelated...

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One mockup to fit every screen in Libgdx

Generally we do a single mockup and want it to fit on every screen. Unfortunately smartphone's screens have different density of pixel. So how can we fit all screens?

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