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Hello guyz and girlz.
My name is Romain, also named Rainbow on Twitch. I started development as a fullstack developer building backend with classical Java stack (Spring, Hibernate, ...) then I specialized in frontend using React.

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I like to discover new things, for example in the React world, in frontend ecosystem, etc... I like to keep a full global image of an application going from the frontend, to the backend and finishing to the production infrastructure.

As you can see with my article and my lives on Twitch, I love to find out how things work, and showing you what I learn about the implementation of libraries. I am always amazed by the creative genius of libraries developers.

Outside of programming, I enjoy doing creative hobbies. For example: crochet, ironing beads, origami, knitting, ... Do not hesitate to look at my instagram :) And love to play guitar for years.


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