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Javascript CLI demystified

I'm sure you use javascript CLI every day. For example, when using `eslint`, `prettier`, ... But do you know how to make your own js CLI and how it works?

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Exit animation with `framer-motion` demystified

Animation has their own implementation to deal with exit animation, because React do no allow to delay the unmounting of components. The `framer-motion` API seems to me to be the most natural one. Let's see the amazing implementation of exit animation with this library.

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Virtualization with fixed size items (part 1)

Have you performance issue because you have to many items in a list on your page? Let's see how to fix that thanks to virtualization.

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useEvent: the new upcoming hook?

Did you often transform React state to React ref not to re-create a new reference of your listener which is wrapped with useCallback because passed to a memo component. It happens to me so often, a new rfc for a new hook named useEvent has been opened by React that should make you happy :)

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Proxy in JS: what the hell?

I am sure you are confident with object. But do you know that you can proxify them to intercept when a property is called to execute some custom code. Let's see what it is? How to use it? And some libraries that use it.

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